ML was the right choice for me to develop as a musician knowing the technicals as well. The first step i took to walk towards my dream was that I joined ML after dropping my MBA studies. Speciality of ML I found is the freedom atmosphere we got to explore things.Realy it changed me into a music tech guy who is well aware of all the pre and post process in music production. Do have a passion ,work hard ML will b with u.
Sooraj S Kurup
Muzik Lounge is the right home if u wanna know what Sound is all about, from Scratch to Professional phase. I got thorough knowledge about audio hardwares, softwares, different gears, Music theory at ML, also meeting some finest Musicians and experienced Engineers. Muzik Lounge has helped me in finding my right field of interest and I am satisfied working in one of the top studios of India. I sincerely thank ML family for making me what I am today!
Davidson Babu
Thanks to ml for helping me to mould my passion into profession. The practical skills backed by academic knowledge have given me the confidence to pursue a career in audio engineering. Faculties with interesting insights into current best industry practice and academic thinking are very supportive. The immediate opportunity to apply academic learning in commercial works is the most appreciable fact. A very worthwhile investment in terms of both personal and professional development.
Kuriakose Paul
I had a passion for working in the Music industry since i was a kid. Just after my SPM (10th) at Malaysia, i was wondering where should i go. After few months, my Uncle found Muzik Lounge via website and he sent me here. The 18 months went really fast (like a magic)! Muzik Lounge really did converted my passion into my profession just like Ranjith Sir said in the beginning of our introduction. I've worked in many projects as Recording, Mixing and Mastering engineer till present including 2 movies. We fortunately got the best faculties here! The Great duo, Jithu Sir and Christopher Sir! Thank you for all the support, Stephen Sir, Sam Sir, Jithu Sir, Chris Sir, Kuri Sir, Ranjith Sir, Renjith Sir, and everyone is related to Muzik Lounge! All the facilities provided is the best until you use it till the maximum like me! Muzik Lounge is the best school I've went till now! Keep rocking!
Kartik Purushothaman
Joining at ML to study Audio engineering is one of the most important and fruitful decisions I had taken in my life. Academic excellence, along with brilliant faculties, is the strong foundation of ML. The practical skills and academic knowledge I gained from there, has moulded me into a confident professional. The opportunities created by ML to meet and converse with great musical personalities from around the country has done a great impact in my career.The mental support given by all the members of ML is worth mentioning. I am and always will be proud for being a student of this institution. ML has definetly proved to be a stepping stone for all, who has taken music as a passion and profession. I am moving ahead in my career with all the confidence I gained from ML.
Nikhil Mathews
ML's Professional Audio courses are uniquely structured, providing expert knowledge and industrial experience that crafts its students into shrewd audio professionals.
Robin Joseph
It was a great experience for me at ML. Everyone supported me a lot. I was an ordinary student but ML made me confident and I am extremely thankful to ML in shaping my personality too. I am working as a sound engineer in a TV channel and am always thankful to ML for what I am now.
Renil George
Muzik Lounge, I consider tat as the most right decision I ever took so far. turn back and looking towards were I'm from and what I'm now, it's all started from muzik lounge. Life in muzik lounge, tat is te game changer in my life in every aspects.
Poly Kv B
After completing BTech ,my passion for music brought me to ‘Muzik Lounge’ .This was the best decision of my life. The Devassy brothers gave us world class facilities and faculties . The creative freedom and the exposure given by the institute is directly responsible for making Muzik Lounge products stand out in the industry. I now work for ‘My Studio’, in Cochin, one of the leading sound studio in Kerala and I am blessed to be able to work with some of the most talented musicians in the music industry for which I will be ever grateful to Muzik Lounge. Thank you ML for changing my life.
Hari Shankar
Muzik Lounge is place where music and sound goes in Harmony. It is like a second home for me. I had the best faculties and teachers who helped me a lot in developing my career. The Two Brothers (Stephen Sir & Sam Sir) has inspired me a lot in being a good human. Their energy and knowledge is something awesome, which students should learn. Muzik Lounge provided us the best facilities for studying Audio Engineering and Music Production. I am thankful to Muzik Lounge for what I am now.
Sarath Chandran
My greatest desire ever was to work in the music industry. With a systematic way of teaching, Muzik Lounge has not only enhanced my knowledge, but also my personality. I started my career by doing melodyne for leading music directors in the industry. At present I am working as a the sound engineer for playback singer and composer Aalaap Raju's Studio named "Voice and Vision" at Chennai. My humble thanks to the management and all our teachers.
Lijesh Kumar
" Being a singer I had always thought of doing a professional course that would in deed bring value addition to my career. In 2010, I met drummer Sivamani sir during one of my works in Mumbai and expressed my interest to learn audio engineering. That's when he suggested Muzik Lounge School of Audio Technology,Chennai. After joining ML, I have had some wonderful moments in my life,not only being taught by eminent faculties, but got associated with some talented friends too. To me, take-home from ML were understanding the nuances of technology behind music, exposure to the music fraternity in Chennai & most importantly being able to record my own voice ! I sincerely thank Muzik Lounge family for enlightening me on the contemporary technologies employed in music...! " - Saptaparna Chakraborty
Saptaparna Chakraborty Vishnu
I did the Music Production/Programming course at ML. The course took me forward in understanding various Audio/Music Production concepts. Firstly, it gave a direction/structure to learning Music Production techniques. Secondly, it helped me form a strong network with fellow Musicians/Engineers which is vital for survival in the Music industry. The network serves as a talent pool, which would be useful throughout ones career. Thirdly, the guest lectures from industry professionals were very useful in learning advanced concepts, necessary for producing quality Music. I would like to thank ML for their support.
Hari Prasad G
ML is where I was introdruced to the exciting world of music in cinemas.Rather than mere bookish knowledge I was given hands-on experience on programming. Our faculties were of great support and constantly encouraged us to explore and learn new things.The first hand experience which I received from ML helped me to sail smoothly through the professional challenges.Many thanks to ML for moulding me and widening my knowledge in the area of sound engineering.
Jayaram Jay
My name is Stephen Oomman Johnson. I completed Diploma in Audio Engineering. I was in Batch 2 , so I got to see everything from the scratch like the whole setup of the institution. I should say, it was quite a great journey and was totally a twist in coming to this Institution because i always had passion to music since i was a kid and as i was growing up music just became the life kind of thing in me. And i always had this feeling it was all easy and life was really smooth going unless i figured out when i landed in this Institution. So i chose Live Sound since i had a great passion to mix live bands and make them sound much better and to see smiles on the musicians face. And without any doubt i can proudly say that the training i got from Muzik Lounge was tremendous like i had some of the best teachers around who taught me from the deep bottom of sound to the high end stuffs and it was not just a theory classes but practically they would make me do and they would individually take ti
Stephen Oomman Johnson
ML life was a great experience for me..Really got a strong base on music production and technology..both theory and practical classes were superb and interesting..ML provides such a great faculties,equipments and ambience.in short i can say they gave us more than we deserve..now am working as a music programmer in the industry ..Doing programming for movies,short films,albums,jingles etc..This is all because of Muzik Lounge..Now i can proudly say that i was an ML student..
Allwyn Eby George
"I choose to learn from the best" , when it comes to learning music in a technological way ; and ML has given me the best. I found the staff to be skillfull, humble, passionate and teaching from personal experiences. ML helped me a lot to acquire much knowledge and developed my skills regarding keyboard programming in its best way. What the staff teaches will help you improve your music skills, not just during the course,but beyond !
Febin Chacko
I am Jayaram from Batch4 of Muzik lounge working as a pre-sales design engineer for Awan india Pvt.ltd . Our company is primarily focussing into installed sound. We are leading distributor for most of the world class audio products. Currently my task is to design audio solution for the clients either be it an auditorium, public addresing system, audio conferencing discussion system, restaurant - retail shops BGM, Paging, House of worship. And also to provide technical support for the team. I am finding this face of audio industry very interesting as it helps me to implement most of the technical aspects what i learned. Thanks to Muzik lounge for helping me take the first step to the field of Audio engineering.
What is ML to me ? My Second Family, I would say. It changed me and my life completely. ML is a group of talented and friendly faculty who have been there for me during my times of joy and sorrow. I didn’t know much about Audio Engineering in the beginning. But that changed when I came to Muzik Lounge. The faculty here taught me everything from the ground up and they guided me in every single way. The classes were fun and insightful, the assignments constantly tested our skills and helped us improve them at every step of our journey. On the very second the day of my college, I decided to learn and improve my skills in Audio Post Production and ML has been an amazing platform that helped me reach my goal. ML provided me with everything that I needed, and at times more: a studio that allowed me to put my knowledge and skills to the test, practical guided sessions that helped me test my theoretical knowledge, hands on guidance, and last but never the least couches for sleeping
Balakesavan Shanmugam
I am RINOSH, from batch 1 of MLSAT. I thank ML for providing me the initial training and introducing me to the world of audio engineering. i am working with the Mediaone channel,( Madhyaman broadcasting ltd) as an audio recordist . My job deals with Live News audio broadcasting ,choosing right equipment for various shows ,sync sound, , Audio production of indoor/Outdoor shows like Chat shows , Reality shows and ensuring voice over quality,Recording ,mixing & mastering of various programs on protools platform.i thank ML for the extensive inputs given to me
Rinossh Gopurathingal